The Sad Murdoch Divorces Wendi Deng

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    Wendi seems to have a track record of getting guys to divorce their wives.

    Its said in 1985, she gained admission to Guangzhou Medical School.

    In 1988, she emigrated abroad with the help of an American couple, two years later causing the American couple to divorce and marrying the man 31 years her senior, divorcing 7 months after obtaining a green card.

    In 1996 while on a flight, she met a company’s board member and became an intern.

    In 1998, she became Murdoch’s translator, months later having him abandon his wife of 31 years and marry her.

    In 2013 June 13, Murdoch files for divorce from her;


    She is Wendi Deng, just who will be her next target?

    On a side note, Murdoch was too smart for Wendi and decided to cut his losses and lose a billion dollars to the divorce then Murdoch passing and Wendi retaining majority of his wealth.

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